As business strategists for Temari & Co., we empower our corporate clients to make better decisions through the gathering and organizing of cutting-edge business intelligence. Our proven Strategic Planning Process enables our client to more perfectly align their operations with their business, financial, and social objectives.

The entrepreneurial team at Temari & Co. is dedicated to leveraging a wealth of practical business experience to help our clients gain the competitive advantage needed to become leaders of industries in innovation, efficiency, research-based decision making. Our methods of information production are strategically calibrated to suit today’s fast-paced business environment. We also strive to equip our client with a keen understanding of the internal and external mechanisms impacting their business.

Our Strategic Planning Process is designed to produce tailored, practical, and comprehensive solutions.

We are always exploring new ways to give companies a competitive advantage, and our culture of innovative thinking is at the core of our success. Simply, we are business strategists who love to help companies operate at the level of their true potential.

Through the breadth and depth of their collective experience with companies touching all industries and of all sizes, the team of Temari & Co. has developed a precise understanding of the role that business strategy plays in calibrating success.

NICK REZARRA - Marketing Research

Nick attended McGill University, graduating with a Business Degree in Marketing & Finance, with distinction. His previous work experience includes marketing research and strategic planning in the pharmaceutical and telecommunication industry. Nick also worked in the sports content and broadcasting industry in sales and business development. His knowledge of finance, technology, marketing, and international business makes him the perfect individual to manage and coordinate marketing research activities at Temari & Co.

GHADA CHEHADE - Chief Copy Editor & Head of Communications

With an M.A. in Communication Studies and a PhD in Education from McGill University, Ghada has advanced knowledge and expertise in the science of signs and languages and how to use them persuasively and effectively in oral and written communication. As our Head of Communications, she employs this expertise to ensure that documents prepared for our clients are effective marketing instruments. As Chief Copy Editor, Ghada oversees all written material the firm—and sister companies—produce. She edits all business plans and client documents for perfection and persuasion.

ARNAUD SEGLA - Project Manager, CAPM, M. Sc., M. Sc.

Arnaud is a project management expert who is involved in consulting and entrepreneurship segments of Temari & Co.. He derives his project management experience from aeronautical engineering in France and project management in public service and automotive sector in Canada. He is known for his sense of responsibility, creativity, versatility and interpersonal skills. He is a strong asset to assist our clients in building a solution for the projects they want to implement.

Temari & Co. works with some of the world’s most innovative companies, including large and small businesses, not-for-profit organizations, government agencies and start-ups.

"Our experience with Temari & Co's services was nothing short of fantastic. Their professionalism guided us through our meetings smoothly in order to capture the essence of our business. The delicate nature of the information given was properly translated on the business plan and with their knowledge/expertise, the finished product was incredible. Temari & Co. always responded in a timely fashion to all our questions, and they adapted easily to any changes we recommended based on new information. The business plan is concise, professional and very easy to read for the investor. We are now extremely confident to present ourselves to all the available funding resources in order to begin securing financing. We are so happy with the work that we plan to utilize Temari & Co’s services on an on-going consulting basis. Thank you for everything."

Jorge Fernandez, President of M&J Group Ltd.


"I was totally amazed by the way Temari & Co. was able to analyze and grab the concept of my future business endeavor. I decided to give them the go-ahead for the business plan and financial forecasts. When I got the first draft, I knew then that any lender I would present it to would consider the work more than seriously. I can proudly say that 3 private investors expressed immediate interest in providing me with a 100% financing for my project. Thanks to you Temari & Co., my real estate acquisition is almost completed.. I will strongly refer anybody with serious business intentions to work with you to augment their chances to private and non-private financing possibilities. Thanks again for the great work."

Dr.Momar Bary, DDS


"I came into this process expecting to strictly receive a business plan, financial projections, and some help filing my grant and loan application. What I got instead was an experience I will not soon forget. From the onset of our initial meeting, I was struck by the Temari & Co. team’s outstanding business knowledge and charisma. They took me through every stage of the process to ensure that I was comfortable with the trajectory the plan was taking and that the plan perfectly reflected my vision of the business. They took my export business and made it global by suggesting that I explore the possibility of conducting business overseas. They presented me with industry analyses for emerging global markets seeking to import heavy machinery such as Egypt and Angola. I have recently signed a very lucrative deal with an Egyptian construction company. I hope to have a chance to work with the Temari team again and would recommend them to anybody who wants to get ahead through sound business solutions at an affordable price."

Ahmad Chehade, President of Extreme Machines Inc.

Temari and Co. conducts work internationally. Contact us to discuss how our team can help your business achieve true results.