Temari & Co. provides a dynamic and stimulating, people-centric working environment, and we are always looking to add talent to our team. We are looking for analytic and quantitative people to apply their skills to real business problems. While we prize analytic skills, we also value a personal presence, business acumen and strong communication skills. We hire smart people, and encourage them to think creatively about business problems.

We value and utilize the unique abilities that each individual offers. The wide variety of current consultants’ backgrounds reflects the importance that we place on diversity. Everyone’s unique baggage of business, academic and life experience redefines our workplace and how we do things, and adds value to our collaborative process.

Our client-base is international and so we welcome quality foreign-based consultants to our team. We accommodate for virtual commuting.

If you are passionate about business strategy, business intelligence production, and personal growth, we want to hear from you. To contact us, simply send us an email at ""

Temari and Co. conducts work internationally. Contact us to discuss how our team can help your business achieve true results.