• Business Plan
  • Marketing Plan
  • Funding
  • Incorporation
  • Financial Management
  • Accounting Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Information Technology
  • Start-Up Kit


Whatever stage your business is at, a comprehensive strategic business plan can provide valuable direction to your company. Business plans are valued by the impact they have on your business decisions. The team of Temari & Co. assists you by creating an affordable business plan that includes everything that a banker, investor or government or grant official may require judge the viability of your operation in order approve financial support.

Your business plan must:

      - Set goals and develop working strategies to achieve your goals.
      - Create a review process to continually develop and improve your business.
      - Provide a sound financial plan to support any external funding and revenues.
      - Present an acute understanding of your market and competition.

Our business plan structure integrates all of these items. It includes 10 sections:

      - Executive Summary
      - Vision, Mission & Objectives
      - Company / Business Overview
      - Products / Services
      - Industry Analysis
      - Marketing Strategy
      - Management, Staffing &
Organizational Structure
      - Strategies & Implementation
      - Financial Plan (Financial Projections & Required Investment)
      - Risks & Exit Strategy

The length and depth of your business plan depends on the complexity of your venture and the questions that need to be answered by those reviewing its content (loan officer, grant officer, investors, shareholder). Once we have a sound understanding of your business and your need for a business plan, we can formulate a custom structure of the plan to meet your unique needs.


The best marketing strategies are built on sound insights, which develop out of good research, proven marketing process and the business experience of the marketing team across social media, online, mass and targeted marketing channels.

The experts of Temari & Co. can create a comprehensive marketing plan for your company that provides an action plan to raise awareness among your targeted clientele and sets-up a consistent revenue stream for your company. We help you determine the proper integration of various marketing channels and tools to reach the right customers and cultivate brand loyalty.

Our marketing strategies are metrics based, insuring optimal return on investment for all marketing initiatives built in alignment with your business strategy.

The elements we develop in your plan are

      1. Executive Summary
        Covers the highlights of your business model and strategic business trajectory.

      2. Goals Summary
        Goes over the milestones that are set for the business from sales figures to market penetration.

      3. Situational Analysis
        Description of your organization’s dynamics, consumers’ dispositions to services such as yours, distribution patterns, competitive pressures, what your competitors are doing, SWOT analysis, etc.

      4. Market Segmentation
        States who is your segmented clientele, broken down into subgroups to allow for a more focused and measured marketing strategy.

      5. Targeted Marketing Strategy
        Based on the information gathered during the research process, we formulate a marketing strategy calibrated to create the best marketing platform afforded by resources available.

In addition to this, we will be able to put you in contact and initiate discussion with other professionals to oversee complementary transactions to those we will undertake—Web programmers, graphic designers, event planners, communication strategists, etc. Drafting the plan is only part of the solution, it needs to be implemented with the assistance of the right people.


Temari & Co. offers its clients in Canada comprehensive funding services and financing strategy for both private and public companies through commercial and asset-based lending, government grants and investments among others.

While finding funding for companies requires time and expertise, it is finding the right combination of sources that requires an acute understanding of the funding mechanisms and their impact on your business. This is what we excel at! We benefit from privileged relationships with many of the most prevalent actors in the funding ecosystem, and it is these relationships that allow us to guide businesses through the funding procurement process effectively.

Our business insight empowers your business by helping you:

      - Assess your business strategy
      - Evaluate your cash flow management
      - Determine the optimal measure of funding needed
      - Formulate the optimal sourcing of funds
      - Innovate
      - Optimize your financial performance
      - Expand markets
      - Improve operational efficiency

Financing Services

      - Commercial lending
      - Asset-based financing & factoring
      - Venture capital
      - Government grants
      - Sponsorship
      - Tax-credit optimization
      - Mortgage financing
      - Franchise financing
      - Acquisition financing
      - Expansion financing
      - Start-up financing

    Whether your business is located in Toronto, Montréal, New York, or anywhere else abroad, our funding assistance can help you get ahead.


Are you interested in registering a limited liability company in order to protect you from the personal liability of your business? If yes, then you should consider incorporation.

There are some major benefits to incorporation:

      1.Separate Legal Entity
        A corporation has the same rights and obligations under Canadian law as a person. It can acquire assets, go into debt, enter into contracts, sue or be sued, and even in some situations be found guilty of committing a crime.

      2.Limited Liability
        Shareholders of a company are not liable for the company's debts. If the company goes bankrupt, then shareholders are protected. A creditor cannot sue shareholders for liabilities incurred by the corporation.

      3.Lower Corporate Tax Rates
        Private companies in Ontario pay a combined flat tax of less than half that of an individual in the highest tax bracket.

      4.Greater Access to Capital
        Raising capital is easier for corporations than for other forms of business, because they are entitled to issue bonds or share certificates to those who invest money in the company. Corporations are also able to borrow money at a lower rate than other forms of business, because financial institutions perceive loans to corporations as being less risky investments.

      5.Continuous Existence
        A corporation does not cease to exist when its owners pass away. Instead, ownership transfers to the shareholders' heirs. This assurance of continuous existence gives a business greater stability, allowing it to plan over a longer term and to obtain more favourable financing terms.

We provide Federal and Provincial incorporation, and all the documentation required for opening a corporate bank account and starting business. Our affordable incorporation packages also include all required registration documents and internal corporate documents including: resolutions issuing shares, electing corporate directors, appointing officers, confirming By-Law, etc.


The Temari & Co. financial management team is comprised of financial experts who are able to accurately assess your business climate and analyze the financial well being of your company to develop optimal financial strategies that maximize returns on investments. We offer a high-performance culture, a value-added approach to investing, and to leveraging institutional advantages. Temari & Co. has attracted and retained talented investment specialists, and consistently generated industry-leading returns, by focusing on optimizing financial structures.

Our financial services fit into three general categories:

      - Acquisition of investment
      - Optimization of financial structure to ensure sound financial management
      - Resource placement and investment strategies.


      - Financial Strategy
        - Financial restructuring, financial policy and optimal capital structure
        - Optimal loan structuring
          - Liaising with your bankers and other lenders
        - Corporate strategic alternatives for shareholder value maximization
        - Financial Management, Budgeting, Reporting
        - Business valuation
      - Accessing Capital
        - Grant,Bursaries,etc.
      - Private Equity
      - Investment Banking
      - Tax Credit


Our professional and detail-oriented team provides audit, tax and advisory services as well as industry insight to help organizations negotiate risks and perform in any industry. We offer services to structure the business accounting system in compliance with accounting codes, both federal and provincial. We ensure optimal management of taxation exposure, and provide access to sources of credit.


      - Accounting Services
        - Financial Statements Preparation
        - General Ledger Preparation
        - Accounting System Setup for New Businesses
        - Bookkeeping
        - Payroll Services
        - Employee Benefit Plans
      - Tax Services
        - Corporate Tax Return Preparation
        - Individual Tax Return Preparation
        - Optimizing Tax Credits


Temari & Co. provides high quality business intelligence solutions based on data analysis in industry insights. We offer specialized analytical monitoring and diagnostic solutions to help improve sales and marketing and help cut costs. Our methods deliver intuitive, practical and cost-effective solutions that target precisely where you spend sales and marketing dollars to achieve the maximum return on investment. Our business intelligence helps clients make better decisions and focus on activities that have the greatest impact on sales and profitability. Our methods accelerate the processes, making your business intelligence faster and more efficient.


      - Analytics
      - Discovery Consulting
        - E-discovery Software & Services
      - Industry and Market Analyses
      - Market Research and Opportunity Assessment
        - Emerging Markets
      - Business/Customer Business Intelligence and Analytic Capability Requirements
        - Financial & Enterprise Data Analytics
        - Feasibility Analysis
        - Metrics Audit


Temari & Co. has developed a unique approach to business strategy and planning to address the critical questions faced by entrepreneurs and to develop a blueprint for business growth. Our understanding of market trends and drivers serves to develop actionable strategies that create long-term value for your business, and our evidence-based analysis aids executives in making informed decisions. We apply our expertise and insight to achieve your organization’s goals by assessing business units, resource allocation and strategic orientation.


We offer a wide range of services including:

      - Strategic Planning Process
      - Corporate Strategy
      - Business Consulting
      - Business Unit Strategy
      - Growth Strategy
        - Revenue growth
        - Portfolio Management
      - Sustainability Strategy
      - Modeling and Business Planning
        - Go-to-Market Strategy
          - New Product Development
          - Product Launch
      - Management Consulting


Our team of market researchers and statistical analysts provide expertise in research across market segments, regions and industries. We leverage information about your customer base to build appropriate business strategy, navigate changes in the industry and anticipate changing tastes and needs. High quality customer insight will guide your business toward valuable market opportunities and ensure that you realize the full revenue potential of your products, services and relationships.

Our marketing strategies identify new opportunities for your organization to deepen relationships with the loyal, profitable customers and widen your customer base. Marketing strategies include brand and portfolio management, marketing capabilities and organization, and resource allocation strategies. Our marketing capabilities are diverse, including traditional and new media. We structure marketing programs carefully to target valued customer segments and create the desired image to strengthen your brand.


      - Customer Segmentation
        - Targeting
      - Customer Lifecycle
        - Relationship Management
      - Customer Experience
      - Customer Loyalty


Temari & Co. can assist you in improving your operational performance by independently reviewing the complex interactions among employees, processes and technology in your company to consequently improve productivity.

    Our approach to operations improvement consist of three phases:

      1- Review and analysis of your existing process and the factors impacting operational performance.

      2- Identification and recommendation of improvement opportunities and solutions.

      3- Development of an action plan to implement the recommended improvement opportunities.


Temari & Co. works with your business to improve your financial performance and we make your organization a better place to work by ensuring that the entire organizational system is aligned and set up to deliver your company's objectives. Our services comprehensively address your organizational design to manage risk, ensure return on investment, take advantage of industry opportunities and develop and implement best practices tailored specially to your business. We develop a rigorous analytic portrayal of the talent needs of your organization, and create talent solutions and people management systems as well as recruiting strategies and training programs. We offer resource solutions, driving tangible results to make your company more productive in the long term.


      -Restructuring/Turnaround Services
        - Business Process Redesign
        - Organizational Design
        - Process Transformation
        - Sustained Cost Transformations
          - Cost Cutting
          - Cost Efficiency & Asset Optimization
      - Capital
        - Cash & Capital Management
      - Intellectual Property
      - Human Resources
        - Workforce Analytics
        - Talent Management & Leadership Supply
        - Human Capital Measurement and Benchmarking
        - Diversity Management
          - Diversity Management Research and Analysis
          - Revealing Cultural Challenges which may impede performance
          - Multicultural Management Competencies
          - Diversity Management Practices in Organizations
          - Communication Strategies and Concepts Mentoring & Networks
          - Translating Corporate Vision and Values to Enhance Corporate Identity
          - Diversity Presentations
          - Diversity Brochures
        - Identity
          - Diversity Presentations
          - Diversity Brochures
      - Inventory Management
      - Risk Management
      - Corporate Structure
        - Incorporation


Temari & Co. provides unique Information Technology strategies and efficiency models for your business. We take on out-sourced IT mandates including: process development, architecture and infrastructure, IT project turnaround and troubleshooting, information and data management and workflow strategies. Our specialists work with business leaders to ensure that IT solutions are efficient and bolster organizational objectives.


      - IT Diagnostic
        - IT Performance
      - IT Strategy
      - IT Capability Sourcing
      - IT Project Turnaround
      - Data Management, Architecture and Infrastructure


We enjoy working with startups, and we understand the challenges they present, from the management of limited resources to isolation and self doubt. Entrepreneurship remains a fundamental part of our mandate, and as such Temari & Co. is committed to remaining accessible to the start-up community. While these are not always the most cash rich mandates, they provide for enriching experiences, and we hold the relationships we develop with new business leaders in high esteem.


      - Legal Structure
      - Partnership Agreements
      - Funding
        - Investment
        - Banking
        - Grant and Bursary Procurement
      - Business & Marketing Strategy
      - Product Development
      - Launch Strategy
      - General Business Consulting
Temari and Co. conducts work internationally. Contact us to discuss how our team can help your business achieve true results.